Hi! My name is Jannis Kempkens.

Iā€™m a designer, material researcher & furniture carpenter and work between science, art & design and base everything I do on open source and open design principles.

Iā€™m one of the founders of Circology ā€“ an international material research and circular design studio that works with companies and industries on creative and open source solutions to their waste and circular development challenges.

Together with Precious Plastic, I created Beyond Plastic - a project around biodegradable alternatives to plastic. This includes a newly developed machine to transform local food waste into valuable compostable products, and will be released with all of the blueprints, documentation and recipes in January 2020.

As well as this, I teamed up with a few thousand little worms in 2018 to form Plasticula, where we investigate the relationship between living organisms and designers - as well as their ability to eat and digest polystyrene.

Iā€™m currently based between Berlin, DE and Eindhoven, NL.

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